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I'm Wanda- the one woman team behind Twisted Yarn and Fiber Bags. I design, sew, make, and promote everything by myself!

After a friend showed me the basic knit stitches,I learned to knit by advancing in pattern levels and looking up new stitches as I went on You Tube.

I then started exploring Fiber Festivals and I was so enthralled with everything having to do with yarn and knitting that I wanted to do something of my own.

I started my business in 2016 and my original business plan was to make skeins of different yarns and fibers together.So, the name Twisted Yarn and Fiber was born.I decided to also make a few bags because at the time, no one was really selling project bags at the festivals I had been too. Being a  bag lady myself, I needed bags!

Well as you can see, my yarn skein idea did not really flourish, but my bags did, so now I just make bags and accessories. I kept with the same name because it was too much trouble to change everything once my new path had started.

My little business gives me a purpose and a feeling of connection to others. I make products that first of all I find useful and love myself and hope that others do too.

I live in rural Virginia with my Golden retriever- Fiona, Irish Doodle- Gladys, and 2 French Angora rabbits -Henri and Hugo. When I am not sewing, I am knitting or reading.

Everyone is welcome in my space. I do what I do because of my love of knitting and yarn and connecting and supporting others that feel the same. I hope to spread a little love with every product that I make and make your day a little brighter!