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Christmas Trees Needle Holder Sale
Christmas Trees Needle Holder Sale
Twisted Yarn and Fiber Bags

Christmas Trees Needle Holder Sale

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Twisted Circular Needle Holder and 6-8" DPN Needle Holder

I use this every single day!

Design and interfacing hold up to everyday use. I can not say enough amazing things about this holder. I LOVE it.

This needle holder holds your spot and keeps your project firmly locked in place when you are putting it aside for later. This holder is amazing for those who knit with circulars or 6-8" DPNs. No more stuffing your needles into the ball of yarn or using needle caps. You can throw your work in your bag without fear of your precious stitches coming off.

Size: 8-8 1/2" long and 2" tall 

How to Use:

For circular needles-Lock the 2 needles in place on the end with the 2 snaps. If you are using a long circular cord, Snap the excess wiring into the single snap side for even more support.

This holder also fits 6 and 8" DPN needle projects to lock them in place (just leave the middle snap open for longer DPNs- it will not snag your yarn, and let your project hang through opening)


  • Stiff interfacing to hold its shape and keep from stressing your needles and project.
  • Cotton fabric (Placement of picture may vary from picture) 
  • 3 KAM snaps in coordinating color
  • Inside: Coordinating print