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Ocean  Ball Bag
Ocean  Ball Bag
Ocean  Ball Bag
Twisted Yarn and Fiber Bags

Ocean Ball Bag

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Twisted Yarn Ball Bag


One size fits all sizes of yarn from mini to most bulky. 

Allows easy gliding of your yarn --Will fit Balls of yarn up to 6.5" in diameter, but you can always squish it a little more to get a bigger yarn cake inside

Bag Features

  • Elastic top which allows for easy pulling out of your yarn from any direction(the side/middle/ or both at same time)
  • Inside fabric is a polished cotton or cotton

. This is not a walk and knit and crochet type of bag (if you are capable of that-I'm not!). But this will keep your yarn ball from rolling away, keep it contained and protected, and also protect it from any dust, debris, or animal hair that may be flying around.